Choosy stands for Choos Healthy Options Often and Start Young. That is what we a Choosy Kids strive to teach.

Choosy Kids, LLC is a company devoted to promoting healthy habits in young children and their families. It was founded on the belief that healthy preferences for food choices, physical activity, and daily health routines can be developed early in life. Choosy Kids honors the role that parents, early educators, and health care providers play in helping preschool children prefer healthy options.

Choosy Kids is nationally recognized for developing and delivering exemplary staff training, lively music, and easily understood resource materials for promoting healthy habits.

Our company's mission, vision, and values.

Award Winning Music

Music  is  a  universal  teacher used   across   cultures  by  parents chanting or singing, teachers in a classroom, family TV, or in a car. Choosy  music,  recognized  with  Parents Choice Awards, includes health themes for young children in lively songs that grownups can enjoy too!

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There are Choosy Champions in every community. Tell us about one that you know. They are role models and  advocates for child health, families, teachers,  health  care providers,  church  and  community leaders,  and many others.  Champions deserve applause and  more resources.

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