An innovative approach for using music as a teaching tool with the influence of a health hero to enhance your curriculum, promote healthy choice-making skills, and increase physical activity.

What is the Move and Learn with Choosy System?

A unique active learning addition to what you already do to promote healthy behaviors. Use this innovative curriculum enhancement to help young children build a happy and healthy foundation to better prepare them for school and life!

Who Will Benefit from Move and Learn with Choosy?

The system supports initiatives like 5, 2, 1, 0, Healthy Kids, Healthy Future, Let’s Move Child Care, and I Am Moving I Am Learning. It is ideal for Camps, Child Care, Head Start, Play Programs, Pre-K, Mommy and Me Programs, and Afterschool Programs.

What's Inside?

How Will This System Help You?

Easy to use resources and flexible format 

 Multiple approaches to active learning 

 Integrates all learning domains  

 Supports quality instruction 

 Expands vocabulary development  

 Incorporates physical activity, nutrition, and oral health into daily routines and transitions  

 Promotes partnerships with families to foster healthy habits at school and at home  

 Supports staff wellness efforts 

How can I purchase my Move and Learn with Choosy system?

Click the order button below. Purchase orders are accepted but must be faxed to us before we can ship the product. Our fax number is 304•777•4543. 

Limited Budget?

Move and Learn with Choosy is an affordable solution! 

Have questions? 

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