Like Choosy Puzzle

My New Friends and Me

A sense of belonging—feeling valued, connected to others, and a part of something greater—gives children the emotional strength to overcome challenges and difficulties that emerge in their daily experiences.     

Materials: Printable template, scissors, construction paper, glue, crayons or paint and paintbrush

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print Directions: Click here for printable version. 

Optional Pre-Activity Fun: 

Before doing this activity, read  Spencers Wondrous Wish and ask your child to watch and listen for times when the characters might feel like they belong or are connected to others. Or, play the song, "Sweetwater Slide" to help promote a discussion about what it means to belong and be a part of a group. 

Step 1

Print template.

Step 2

Color and cut out the figures on the template. In the blank box, ask your child to draw and color a self-picture and then cut it out.

Step 3

Have your child glue the figures on construction paper and then draw or paint a scene playing with new friends on Sweetwater Farms.

Step 4

Ask your child what it feels like to be a part of a group. Give examples like being a part of a family, school class, or a sports team— a part of something greater than himself.  

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