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Physical Activity * Motor Skills * Nutrition * Movement & Music * Oral Health * Engaging Families * Staff Wellness

Our Approach

Learn It Today, Do It Tomorrow!

We’ve developed our signature approach to staff training to honor the tireless work of early care and education professionals. We connect health and physical development themes with active learning and school readiness skills. Our interactive approach to training focuses on integrating physical activity, nutrition, and dental health into all areas of early learning and the normal routines of each day.

Moving to Learn

Choosy Kids is known for its innovative, interactive approach to staff training. Here is why we are thought of as trailblazers and pioneers for promoting healthy behaviors in young children, their families, and staff:

    • Our Healthy Habits Vocabulary Framework serves as a guide for planning  and facilitating appropriate, interactive, and varied activities to promote active learning
    • We pair current child development content with adult learning models for experiencing, applying, sharing, and planning
    • Music, music, music---the universal teaching tool
    • Easy to implement starter strategies (learn it today, do it tomorrow) 
    • Emphasis on early and ample opportunities to stimulate and challenge the sensory, perceptual, and motor development of young children in both indoor and outdoor learning environments
    • Recognition of parents as play partners and influential teachers
    Examples of Session Topics