Choosy Nation CD

Choosy Nation CD

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This popular CD encourages a healthier nation by moving and learning indoors and outside. It introduces the Empty Space Club to avoid collisions with others. Children and families will dance to the Choosy Cha Cha, brush their teeth for two minutes while listening to Brush My Smile, and demonstrate their power for making healthy choices during I’m The Boss.

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Track Title Sample
1. Choosy Cha Cha
2. Choosy Cha Cha Instrumental
3. Be Choosy Outside
4. Be Choosy Outside Instrumental
5. Brush My Smile
6. I Move Myself 1
7. I Move Myself 2
8. I Move Myself Instrumental
9. When I Move My Parts
10. When I Move My Parts Instrumental
11. Choosy Nation
12. Choosy Nation Instrumental
13. Empty Space Club
14. I’m The Boss
15. I’m The Boss Instrumental
16. Oooh Ahhh
17. I Like To Move