About Choosy Kids

Our Company

Choosy Kids is nationally recognized for providing professional staff development training and for promoting health as an integral component of school readiness.
We support quality teaching and learning with uniquely designed resources and music featuring Choosy, an influential health hero and role model.
Our innovative active learning approach to support early childhood education increases physical activity, promotes healthy nutrition, and supports staff well-being and self-care.
Health Has a Hero
Choosy is an evidence-supported health hero who helps develop healthy habits and behaviors in children, family, and staff. His name stands for Choose Healthy Options Often & Start Young.

Research confirms that children's characters designed to form emotional relationships with young children can significantly influence their preferences. Choosy is the perfect helper for busy teachers and parents, and his health messages provide opportunities for quality conversations and discussions.

For children, Choosy is a very special furry friend who loves to have fun and knows a lot about being healthy. For adults, Choosy is a welcome role model and wholesome influencer of health-enhancing behaviors at school and at home.
Choosy has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and families nationwide through award-winning music and unique resources that enhance what you are already doing to make being healthy fun and empowering.

Our Curriculum Enhancements

Our evidence-supported resources are developed based on two premises:
    1. School readiness depends on healthy, active learners
    2. Early childhood educators are faced with ever-increasing expectations and responsibilities for fostering optimal development and learning in young children
    It's almost essential to have curriculum enhancement resources that can help you address multiple objectives and expectations, and that can be used flexibly throughout your daily routines.

    ​​​​​​​​​​Our resources, by design, are multifaceted and incorporate digital streaming, print, video, music, lyrics, movement, health messaging, personalized dialog, conversation with children, and of course, Choosy. We've carefully integrated all areas of curriculum with a special focus on quality instruction, adult-child interactions, partnerships with families, staff well-being, and sustainability.
    Pair activities and accomplish more!
    Each Choosy Kids resource stands alone as a unique and innovative curriculum enhancement. Yet when you pair and blend activities from multiple resources, you create even more opportunities to extend and expand what you are already doing to foster school readiness and life readiness.​​​
    See how it works 
    Linda Carson, Ed D
    Linda Carson is the Ware Distinguished Professor Emerita at West Virginia University and founder of Choosy Kids. Under her leadership, Choosy Kids has become well known for health enhancing resources and staff training for child care, Head Start, and allied health. Professor Carson is nationally recognized for her expertise in early childhood motor development, active teaching and learning, and health promotion. Dr. Carson served as the content expert for the original design of I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL), an award winning health initiative launched nationally by the federal Office of Head Start. She continues to provide leadership for IMIL expansion and dissemination. Professor Carson has been recognized with honors and awards over her career for distinguished service to teaching and health promotion, and has devoted her career to promoting healthy habits for young children and the adults who make decisions on their behalf.
    Our Trainers 
    Courtney Elder, MA
    Courtney is an IMIL trainer and professional development specialist for Choosy Kids. He is known for his energetic and engaging approach to promoting staff wellness, active early learning, and strategies to encourage healthy habits in classrooms and at home. Courtney has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Community Counseling. Before joining Choosy Kids, Courtney worked as a Co-Occurring Outpatient Psychotherapist where he provided group counseling and individual therapy sessions for families experiencing stress, trauma, violence, drugs, and abuse.
    Patty Kimbrell, MA
    Patty has a B.A. in Physical Education and a M.A. in Education. She is on faculty at San Diego State University where she proudly prepares future teachers. Professor Kimbrell has been a teacher, consultant, and sought-after trainer in the area of childhood physical activity and movement for many years. She brings a career of diverse teaching positions and experiences to each training event. Patty has been a member of the Choosy Kids training team for IMIL since the very first event in 2004.
    Kerry McKenzie, MS
    Kerry has a BA in Psychology and a MS in Physical Education and Health, and is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She served as Childhood Obesity Prevention Specialist and Project Coordinator for Prisma Health in Greenville, S.C., and is CEO of Whole Again Wellness. She is an exemplary teacher and trainer in all areas of health promotion and is a valued member of the Choosy Kids training team.
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