I'm Moving I'm Learning CD

I'm Moving I'm Learning CD

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The songs on this CD support efforts by early care and education, parents, and health care providers to promote moving more, healthier nutrition, and active learning. It includes songs about moving and learning, physical activity vocabulary words, as well as several songs about nutrition choices and food preparation. Celebrate healthy decision making with fun, lively music that also includes practice of basic motor skills. The song “Choosy Size Me” is a healthier counter-message to current fast food messages.

Lyric Booklet

Track Title Sample
1. I’m Moving I’m Learning
2. My Heart Says Thanks
3. Choosy Hears
4. Make Me Feel Great 1
5. Mix It All Up
6. Mix It All Up Your Way
7. Swing and Sway
8. I Can Fly
9. Make Me Feel Great 2
10. I’m Learning To Choose
11. Choosy Size Me