Music Moves Me/ La Música Me Mueve

Music Moves Me/ La Música Me Mueve

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This compilation album includes some of Choosy’s favorite songs recorded in both English and Spanish. Familiar Choosy songs are remixed creating a new song experience with different tempos, new instruments, or more repetition. The educational lyrics that Choosy fans love and depend on for initiating conversations to extend learning have not changed. And…the music will move you!

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Track Title Sample
1. Choosy Cha Cha
2. Choosy Cha Cha Spanish
3. This Is My Body
4. Este Es Mi Cuerpo
5. Crave My F.A.V.
6. Antojos De F.A.V.
7. Stir The Soup
8. Mueve La Sopa
9. My Heart Says Thanks
10. Mi Corazón Dice Gracias
11. I’m The Boss
12. ¡Soy el jefe!
13. I’m Moving I’m Learning
14. Me Muevo y Aprendo
15. Choosy Says
16. Choosy Dice
17. Be Choosy Be Healthy
18. Sé Choosy, Sé Sano
19. Choosy Nation
20. Nación Choosy
21. Brush My Smile
22. Cepillo Mis Dientes