My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

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Children and grownups will have lots of fun wiggling and giggling to this collection of Choosy songs designed to bring joy to bodies and brains. Children can giggle while they practice playing pretend musical instruments, washing their hands, hugging themselves, moving body parts, and selecting healthy foods and beverages. Includes a Choosy Birthday song and songs in Spanish.

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Track Title Sample
1. My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle
2. Gotta Hug Myself
3. Play In Choosy’s Band
4. I Can! Can You?
5. I Can! Can You? 2
6. My Hands Need Washed
7. Do What I Do
8. Happy Birthday
9. I Love My Teeth
10. What Can You Do?
11. My Choosy Plate
12. My Choosy Cup
13. Yum Yum Yummy 2 English
14. Yum Yum Yummy 2 Spanish
15. Our Special Time 2
16. Un Momento Especial 2
17. Choosy Says Let’s Play 2
18. Choosy Quiere Jugar 2