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Super Choosy Hero of Healthy Habits

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Children will have fun discovering their inner hero with Choosy, an influential superhero who promotes and defends healthy habits in songs like My Teeth Need Brushed, The Sugar Monster, Boss of My Tummy, and Let's Make A Salad. And in the title track, Super Choosy, children will summon their own super powers to be like Choosy to make healthier choices at school and at home.

Choosy Shuffle
Words Are Fun
Boss of My Tummy 1
Super Choosy
Choosy Loves Animals 1
Sugar Monster
My Friend The Dentist
Clean Up
Jump With 2, Hop With 1
Let's Make A Salad
My Teeth Need Brushed
Boss of My Tummy 2
Choosy Loves Animals 2
My Friend The Doctor

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