Choosy Clock

Talk about time, routines, and clock parts, strengthen math skills and discuss healthy habits with this do-it-together Choosy clock! Encourage young children to discuss healthy habits like, “Choosy loves to start his day with a healthy snack. Using the clock, show Choosy what time you wake up. What healthy snack do you like to eat for breakfast?”     

Materials: Printable templates, crayons, scissors, paper plate, marker, craft knife, hole puncher, paper fastener 

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print Directions: Click here for printable version. 

Step 1

Print, color, and cut templates.

Step 2

Cut the paper plate edge off to make a flat circle.

Step 3

Attach Choosy’s face and hands to the paper plate.

Step 4

Use a hole puncher to add holes to the bottom of the clock hands. 

Step 5

Use a marker to add the numbers on the clocks face.

Step 6

Use the craft knife to cut through the center of the paper plate. Thread the hands through the paper fastener and attach the hands to the paper plate.

Step 7

Use Choosy’s printable cards to help Choosy find the correct time.

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