A great inexpensive project for classrooms and families! Children can create their very own windsock using simple materials. This family-friendly project is also a great opportunity to strengthen fine-motor skills, while incorporating Choosy opens up the possibility of discussing healthy behaviors. For example, “Choosy loves being outdoors! What’s your favorite outdoor activity?”  

Materials: Printable template, construction paper, glue, pencil, hole puncher, pipe cleaner, crepe paper

Estimated Time: Less than 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print Directions: Click here for printable version. 

Step 1

Print and cut template.

Step 2

Trace your template onto a piece of purple construction paper and cut it out.

Step 3

Glue a piece of green construction paper into a cylinder. Let dry.

Step 4

Glue your Choosy glasses onto the green cylinder.

Step 5

Add 2 holes on the top of the cylinder (one on each side).

Step 6

  Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes to make a handle.

Step 7

  Decorate your wind sock.

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