Create hours of fun and active learning with Choosy’s new mystery movement activity. Print the templates, watch the video, and write down your favorite “Choosy Says” movements. 

Materials: Printable template, scissors, pencil, glue  

Estimated Time: Less than 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print DirectionsClick here for printable version. 

Step 1

Print and cut template.

Step 2

Write your mystery movement on the Choosy says insert.

Step 3

Fold the circle in half.

Step 4

Fold the circle in half again in the opposite direction.

Step 5

Place your insert inside the open circle.

Step 6

Roll the circle together so the folded edges align.

Step 7

Hold the rolled circle together while pressing on the center of the back (where the previous folds are) making the circle fold.

Step 7

Glue the inside of the mystery movement shell together. Let dry.

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