When your child needs ice on a boo boo, place an ice cube inside a cloth boo boo bunny. This easy homemade prop is great for infants, mobile infants, and toddlers. Best of all, this activity is basic enough that older children can help make it for younger children in the family or classroom.

Materials: Wash cloth, rubber band, ribbon, craft pom poms, glue 

Estimated Time: Less than 30 minutes

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Step 1

Lay wash cloth flat on surface in a diamond shape.

Step 2

Roll the top and bottom corners towards the center.

Step 3

Fold the rolled wash cloth in half.

Step 4

Fold in half again.

Step 5

Place a rubber band around the folded end.

Step 6

Separate the ears.

Step 7

Cover the rubber band using a ribbon.

Step 8

Glue pom poms for eyes and tail.

Step 9

Add an ice cube.

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