Unique Approach
What Is IMIL?
I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) is an innovative physical activity and nutrition curriculum enhancement for preschool children initially developed for Head Start programs. It has evolved and expanded to be relevant for other organizations serving children and families such as Child Care, Cooperative Extension, and public health agencies.
IMIL provides a framework for action that ECE programs can follow as they design innovative policies, practices, and environments that support physical activity and healthy nutrition. IMIL enhances what programs already do to support healthier brains and bodies, and can elevate their standards of excellence to improve the health and well-being of all staff and the children and families they serve.
IMIL aims to increase the quantity of time children spend in physical activity during daily routines and improve the quality of physical movement experiences that are facilitated by an informed adult. IMIL also teaches children about healthy nutrition choices and concepts that can be woven into activities throughout the day and across curriculum areas.
Supports School Readiness Skills
IMIL shares strategies and activities for:
  • Designing active learning environments
  • Developing movement skills and concepts
  • Planning for repetition and variation of practice of motor skills
  • Facilitating self-regulation, body management, and executive function skills
  • Supporting early learning across all components of curriculum
Flexible and Affordable:
IMIL is designed to:
  • Be customizable to support a variety of program needs, cultures, and demographics
  • Reinforce healthy activities and behaviors early and often
  • Include and engage families, and support and foster staff well-being
  • Be used in limited space and with limited budgets
Evidence Supported
IMIL was created based on evidence and need:
  • IOM Reports - Developed on a foundation of research on childhood obesity prevention examined and summarized by the National Academy of Medicine, formerly Institute of Medicine (IOM)
  • Caring for Our Children - For application to policies and practices, IMIL incorporated current guidelines for preventing childhood obesity in early care and education programs published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in Caring for Our Children
  • Click here for evidence support for IMIL implementation
Unique and Developmentally Appropriate
IMIL honors the way most children prefer to construct knowledge- through active learning, and includes:
  • Lively music to increase physical activity and practice of movement skills
  • Health themed lyrics and vocabulary to initiate discussion about healthy behaviors at school and at home
  • Emphasis on brain/body communication
  • Incorporation of a familiar children's character (like Choosy or others) to reinforce discussions and influence healthy behaviors
  • Fostering of staff wellness and self-care, plus joyful work and learning environments
  • Reinforcing of high quality, positive, consistent, and caring relationships with influential adults