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Selected Participant Reviews!

The Choosy Kids training team has traveled across the country training thousands of teachers, parents, public health professionals, and administrators to help develop healthier children. Here is a sampling of what participants have said about our training.

Estelle Flank

"The two days I spent learning and moving at this workshop were THE BEST ones that I have ever attended in my 25 years in the education profession! The professionalism, the expertise of the trainers, and the format were all outstanding. Thank you for allowing me to re-new my enthusiasm for workshops!"

Mary Glassford

"I absolutely loved this training. It was a great learning experience and also a lot of fun. I am glad they made me attend. We are now adopting this into our program and policy council.....let's do it again!"


"This training made me look at the physical activity we offer our children, and what I do! I have brought back what we learned, and the kids love it. It is so great to see them so happy to move......ALL OUR HEARTS SAY "THANK YOU!""

  Aileen Ney

"IMIL was the best training session I have ever attended because of the fact that I learned and had fun at the same time! We presented IMIL at our Parent Committee Meeting and parents excitedly participated singing, moving, and signing. We cannot wait to share this exciting program throughout our agency. Thank you all for the great work you do!"

Lynette Petrita & Sue Mazurek

"Hello Choosy Friends!, It has been a while since I had the pleasure of attending the Dallas IMIL Event, but it has stayed with me!!! I am planning my niece's Birthday party here in West Virginia, home of WVU, and am so proud to include Choosy as the theme of our party! In my role as a Pre-K Director in Arkansas, and previously as a Head Start Education Manager, I am proud to say I have seen dozens of teachers implement IMIL with resounding success! Thank You! Your work is incredible! Our local team has presented IMIL to our neighboring cities of Anaconda and Dillon, Montana. Much interest and enthusiasm were evident at both sites. We are also continuing through the summer at our child care sites with IMIL activities one to two times weekly in each facility. The children are loving it. So are we!!"

  Jeanette Valdez

"Teresa and I are so excited to present this to our team this coming school year to be implemented in our program. I myself have implemented the songs with the children and they love it and they love Choosy. The children are beginning to be familiar with good healthy food choices. The conference in Salt Lake was very upbeat and has our staff looking forward to preparing the children in our community to live healthy and active lifestyles now and for the rest of their lives."

Ruth Goorhouse

"We have waited a long time for something like this to come along. Thank you Linda Carson for an excellent healthy, physical and nutritional activity program. Our team is very excited to go around to our tribal sites and share what we learned from the training conference IMIL."


  "Excellent, engaging. I enjoyed this conference, the music, the interaction, the presenters were motivating. I will take back what I learned to my program.”

 "All workshops and presentations were highly motivational and I can’t wait to take these practices to our home town and own it. (: "

  "A very well organized and orchestrated workshop. It’s obvious that the session and sequence was planned with great intention (A great model for the participants.) I have years of experience with young children but still learned a lot about physical development of young children. Really liked the idea and demonstrations on how to get staff involved. The binder is a wonderful resource as well!”

 "I have been using Choosy CD's already but feel so excited to do so much more. Thank you Dr.Carson for caring so much about children to create such a wonderful program- you have a great team!”

  "Amazing work - keep it growing! Network and expand! Everyone working with young children needs this! I can see how much practice this will take and how much practice you’ve had; you make it look effortless!”

 "This workshop not only was informative but lots of fun.”

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