Professional Staff Development Training

Professional Staff
Development Training

Choosy Kids is nationally recognized for incorporating a unique interactive approach for staff training to increase the knowledge and skills of Early Childhood Education professionals, Child Care Resource & Referral staff, and Technical Assistance providers

Experience training
in a whole new way!

Designed for Head Start, Child Care, Cooperative Extension,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​YMCA,​​​​​​​allied health agencies and organizations

Designed for Head Start, Child Care, Cooperative Extension,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​YMCA,​​​​​​​allied health agencies and organizations

Your training event will:

Include your choice of in-person or virtual training for up to 150 participants; half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours)
Be facilitated by Choosy Kids master trainers who provide expert training nationwide and unique curriculum enhancements for early childhood since 2004
Focus on best practices for childhood health promotion, nutrition, brain development, and physical activity for children, families, and staff
Integrate physical activity, nutrition, and oral health into all areas of early learning and the normal routines of each day
Incorporate curriculum enhancements, resources, and activities to demonstrate ways to create a joyful and active learning environment
Include the influence of Choosy—a powerful
children's health hero who has been demonstrated
to influence children's preferences for healthy choices, and the teaching practices of staff

Participants will receive:

Agenda and training summary for notes
Healthy Habits Vocabulary Framework
Personal/Program Goals and Reflection Worksheet
Printable healthy habits activities to support physical activity, healthy nutrition, and oral health; Choosy poster cards and sticker templates; and EC motor skill scale (full day)
14 days of FREE access to the Choosy Kids digital media Iibrary: includes more than 175 Choosy Kids songs, active-learning videos, farm adventures, storybooks, printable activities, and more!

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Influence policy, practice, and personal wellness behaviors with Choosy Kids unique approach to professional staff development.
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Resources for Sustainability​​​​​​​

Successfully implement and sustain your program's strategies and goals with Choosy's Active Learning Bundle. These unique curriculum enhancements offer a seamless approach for integrating your program's strategies and goals into your current curriculum and routines of the day. Includes easy, innovative resources to promote health and help children feel confident and curious about learning.
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