Why Educators Choose Choosy Kids
early educators prefer Choosy Kids music, curriculum enhancements, and professional staff development training
Enhances Curriculum
Evidence-supported resources to enhance your existing curriculum by flexibly and uniquely integrating health education into your program’s
​​​​​​​culture, across all domains of learning, and throughout daily routines
Impacts Policy and Practice
Helps you achieve multiple instructional objectives and expectations, promote exemplary teaching practices and staff-well-being, offer opportunity for family engagement, and support program sustainability goals​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Fosters Collaboration with Families
Extends the learning to the home environment to foster healthy habits at school and at home with print and digital family activities, and an affordable streaming subscription to promote strong partnerships with families
​​​​​​​Uniquely Supports Staff Wellness
Includes an innovative approach called Get Healthy While You Teach™—a motivational component with strategies based on health benefits from participating in the activities with children, and a personal goal planner to support personal physical activity, nutrition, and stress reduction
Features Choosy, a Healthy Role Model
Features Choosy, an evidence-supported, wholesome role model who influences health-enhancing behaviors and preferences in young children, and assists adults who are guiding early learning
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Incorporates Joyful, Experiential Staff Training
Incorporates interactive, joyful, in-person and virtual professional staff development training events to connect health and physical development themes with active learning and school readiness skills 
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Designed for Limited Budgets and Spaces
Intentionally designed affordable resources and activities that are specifically created for a variety of settings (large, limited, indoor, outdoor) with a flexible format to support individualized, child-centered instruction
Promotes Active Learning
Uses the expanded “study” of our music, song themes, lyrics, vocabulary, and the exploration of movement to reinforce health concepts, increase physical activity, and provide for conversations about keeping bodies and brains healthy