Choosy Kids CD

Choosy Kids CD

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This CD introduces the Choosy Kids Club, a very special members-only club for kids who make healthy choices. Includes songs to practice fundamental motor skills like jumping, hopping, and skipping. The Choosy Freeze song gives children practice at stopping and starting on cue. Practice repeating a rhythmic pattern with hands and feet when listening to the Choosy Says song. Instrumental tracks allow for flexible use. And the Bye-Bye song is ideal for closing routines.

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Track Title Sample
1. Choosy Kids Club Theme
2. Like Choosy
3. Choosy Freeze
4. Choosy Says
5. Choosy Says Instrumental
6. Techno 130
7. Techno 142
8. Do The Choosy
9. High Five
10. Jump N Hop
11. Skipping
12. Bye Bye