I'm Moving I'm Learning CD

I'm Moving I'm Learning CD

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This CD supports moving more, healthier nutrition, and practicing motor skills. My Heart Says Thanks helps children understand that it makes their hearts happy to be beating faster when they move. Includes songs about vocabulary words to help extend discussions about what, how, and where our bodies can move, our nutrition choices, and food preparation. The song “Choosy Size Me” is a healthier counter-message to current fast-food messages and is frequently played at events like health fairs.

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Track Title Sample
1. I’m Moving I’m Learning
2. My Heart Says Thanks
3. Choosy Hears
4. Make Me Feel Great 1
5. Mix It All Up
6. Mix It All Up Your Way
7. Swing and Sway
8. I Can Fly
9. Make Me Feel Great 2
10. I’m Learning To Choose
11. Choosy Size Me