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Music Moves Me/ La Música Me Mueve

Music Moves Me/ La Música Me Mueve

  • $ 15.00

This compilation album includes some of Choosy’s most popular songs from previous CD’s remixed in both English and Spanish. This CD was recognized with 2013 Parents’ Choice Award assuring that the music, the messages, and the themes of the tracks are appropriate and educational for young children.

Choosy Cha Cha $1.29
Choosy cha cha $1.29
This Is My Body $1.29
Este es mi cuerpo $1.29
Crave My F.A.V $1.29
Antojos de f.a.v. $1.29
Stir The Soup $1.29
Mueve la sopa $1.29
My Heart Says Thanks $1.29
Mi corazón dice gracias $1.29
I'm The Boss $1.29
¡Soy el jefe! $1.29
I'm Moving, I'm Learning $1.29
Me muevo y aprendo $1.29
Choosy Says $1.29
Choosy dice $1.29
Be Choosy Be Healthy $1.29
Sé Choosy, sé sano $1.29
Choosy Nation $1.29
Nación Choosy $1.29
Brush My Smile $1.29
Cepillo mis dientes $1.29

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