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My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle - Choosy Kids

My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

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Choosy Kids 7th music CD was recognized with three music awards in 2016, including CD of the Year! Choosy music is always lively, filled with reminders about healthy habits, and lots of fun. This CD is no different. With titles like, Gotta Hug Myself, What Can You Do, and I Love My Teeth there is sure to be something for everyone. One of our staff’s favorites, Play in Choosy’s Band is not a marching song with cymbals and trombones; however, it does give children a chance to have fun playing drums, guitar, and keyboard in Choosy’s Rock Band. Selected songs on this CD are recorded in both English and Spanish.

My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle
Gotta Hug Myself
Play In Choosy's Band
I Can! Can You?
I Can! Can You? 2
My Hands Need Washed
Do What I Do
Happy Birthday
I Love My Teeth
What Can You Do?
My Choosy Plate
My Choosy Cup
Yum Yum Yummy 2
Yum yum yummy 2
Our Special Time 2
Un momento especial 2
Choosy Says Let's Play 2
Choosy quiere jugar 2

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