Young children's brains are hard at work when they are playing and learning! This interactive game helps strengthen memory skills while reinforcing healthy habits.     

Materials: Printable Template, scissors, empty box, paint, paint brush, craft sticks, tape or glue, craft knife 

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print Directions: Click here  for printable version. 

Step 1

Print and cut templates.

Step 2

Paint your empty box. Let dry.

Step 3

On your template, you will notice two of each picture. Tape or glue one of each picture to your painted box. Set the other pictures aside.

Step 4

Using a craft knife, make a small cut above each image.

Step 5

Tape or glue the other pictures to a craft stick.

Step 6

Find the match and insert the craft stick in the cut area on the box.

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