Active Learning Bundle

Choosy’s Active Learning Bundle

for developing healthy bodies and brains

A budget-friendly collection of unique enhancements to help you actively integrate your strategies and goals into your current curriculum, throughout your routines of the day, and across multiple domains.
Each resource stands alone but when you combine activities from two or more resources within the bundle, you create even more learning opportunities for experiencing health themes in a variety of fun, creative, and challenging ways.
The result is a variety of new and scaffolded learning experiences that help children strengthen existing knowledge and skills, construct new knowledge, enhance health literacy, and broaden opportunities for discussion, personal expression, and relationship building with other children and adults.

Expand your planning. Enhance your teaching. Exceed your expectations!

Explore each of the Resources

Pair, Explore, and Learn Activity Set 
Choosy's Digital Media Subscription 
Move and Learn with Choosy System 
I Love My Teeth Song and Activity Set 
Be Choosy. Be Healthy. Storybook