My Dream Board

Let's Go On A Happy Hunt

Self-Confidence plays a key role in childrens’ healthy development and success at home, school, and play. Confident children are more eager to explore, face challenges, and learn new skills.

Materials: Poster board or white paper, glue, magazines or pictures, crayons or markers, art supplies

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Print Directions: Click here for printable version. 

Optional Pre-Activity Fun:

(Use with Spencer’s Wondrous Wish storybook and music CD found in the Choosy Kids Digital Media Subscription package)

Have a conversation with your child about what it means to be self-confident—to believe in herself and her abilities. Then, together, read Spencers Wondrous Wish and ask your child to name a time in the story when each character feels confident or good about themselves. Next, ask your child to name a time when she felt confident or did something that made her feel good about herself. Or, play the song, "I Can Be Anything" and invite your child to think about and celebrate her unique abilities and strengths.

Step 1

Ask your child to draw or glue a picture of herself on the poster board or white paper.

Step 2

Discuss that this is her dream board—a poster she can decorate any way she likes with pictures, magazine cutouts, or drawings that make her feel good, things she would like to do, or that she would like to try—dreams she wants to come true. Encourage your child to include images of things she would like to accomplish such as writing her name, learning her address, riding a bike, or learning to read.

Step 3

After she creates her dream board, have a conversation about the items she included and discuss ways she can achieve her dreams.

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