Choosy Clock

Choosy's fruit and vegetable paper weaving activity is an excellent practice for fine motor, and an inexpensive way to teach young children the basics of weaving. Using Choosy's template, encourage young children to discuss healthy habits like, “Choosy really enjoys activities that include healthy options. What's your favorite vegetable? What color is it? How does it feel? How does it taste?"     

Materials: Printable Template, scissors, craft knife, colored paper, crayons  

Estimated Time: Less than 30 minutes

Template: Click here for template.  

Print Directions: Click here for printable version. 

Step 1

Print and cut templates.

Step 2

Cut colored paper into strips.

Step 3

Use a craft knife to cut the solid lines on the template.

Step 4

Weave colored paper through the cut lines. 

Step 5

Color the remaining part of the template.

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