Vote for Choosy!

By Jenn Ripepi, MD, The Choosy Pediatrician

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Young children are very impressionable, as we all know. They follow our lead and DO hear a lot that we say. If you don't believe it, say something in front of them that you'd rather not have repeated! So let's make sure that they hear the great lessons that Choosy, our own health hero, has to teach and vote for Choosy! Nope, Choosy is not going to be on your ballot this year. But Choosy should be voted on at home to use as a teaching tool. Here is why!

Choosy Let’s You Choose

Choosy uses no super power but CHOICE. You can choose to make healthy decisions or make decisions which can put your health at risk. You can choose to be a friend or an enemy. You can choose to take care of the Earth or not. The choice is yours!

Choosy’s Messaging is Relatable for Children

Choosy can help to reinforce the messages voiced by parents, caregivers and teachers of young children. Choosy does this in a way that is upbeat, respectful of the child and is repetitive but not monotonous. The topics are pertinent to all children. They are stated simply but not in a way which "talks down" to the children. Sometimes the messages sent by adults can seem authoritative or condescending, but young children can relate to Choosy’s reminders.

Choosy is Honest

Choosy is free of commercial bias. There is no "hidden" marketing or "big brand" behind Choosy. Choosy means what is said. Good health is your choice. Some characters which appeal to children are mass marketed and may have "other" messages attached or promoted in places such as fast-food chains with not-so-healthy choices on their menus. Choosy wants children to make a healthy choice wherever they are!

There is Only One Choosy

Choosy is unique and original just like each child! By being one-of-a-kind, Choosy lets children see that each individual is special for who they are. There is no gender, race, creed or ability limit. We can choose to be friends and let our friends be who they are and make their own choices. Choosy is inclusive in the messages children hear.

Choosy Wants the Best for Your Child

Choosy speaks about a wide variety of topics which are important to children. Each child develops skills a little differently and Choosy touches on each area of children's development. Emotional, social, physical aspects of growing are ALL important to good health and adjustment to a variety of situations. Choosy encourages children to try their best in whatever way they can.

There are many choices parents have to make every day. Some are easier than others. I believe that Choosy is an easy choice and can be a partner to parents and others who are trying to guide children to their best selves. My vote is for Choosy!

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