Choosy Kids Music Albums
Super Choosy Hero of Healthy Habits
Children will have fun discovering their inner health hero with Choosy in songs like My Teeth Need Brushed, The Sugar Monster, Boss of My Tummy, and Let's Make A Salad. And in the title track, Super Choosy, children will summon their own superpowers to be like Choosy to make healthier choices at school and at home. (Pairs well with the Choosy Cape)
My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle
Children and grownups will have lots of fun wiggling and giggling to this collection of Choosy songs designed to bring joy to bodies and brains. Children can giggle while they practice playing pretend musical instruments, washing their hands, hugging themselves, moving body parts, and selecting healthy foods and beverages. Includes a Choosy Birthday song and songs in Spanish.
Our Special Time
New look. Same great songs! High quality adult-child interactions are essential for early brain development and body awareness. Includes songs for routines like greeting and departure, resting, potty time, and clean up as well as songs for those very special times with babies and toddlers. Songs are recorded in English and Spanish.
Music Moves Me/ La Música Me Mueve
This compilation album includes some of Choosy’s favorite songs recorded in both English and Spanish. Familiar Choosy songs are remixed creating a new song experience with different tempos, new instruments, or more repetition. The educational lyrics that Choosy fans love and depend on for initiating conversations to extend learning have not changed. And…the music will move you!
Choosy Nation
This popular CD encourages a healthier nation by moving and learning indoors and outside. It introduces the Empty Space Club to avoid collisions with others. Children and families will dance to the Choosy Cha Cha, brush their teeth for two minutes while listening to Brush My Smile, and demonstrate their power for making healthy choices during I’m The Boss.
I’m Moving I’m Learning
This CD supports moving more, healthier nutrition, and practicing motor skills. My Heart Says Thanks helps children understand that it makes their hearts happy to be beating faster when they move. Includes songs about vocabulary words to help extend discussions about what, how, and where our bodies can move, our nutrition choices, and food preparation. The song “Choosy Size Me” is a healthier counter-message to current fast-food messages and is frequently played at events like health fairs.
This Is My Body
New look. Same great songs! Celebrate children with songs about feeling great while practicing motor skills and learning about healthy nutrition. The title track helps children claim ownership of their bodies and empowers them to want to treat them right. In the Sign and Move song, basic sign language can be included to pair movement vocabulary words with body and hand movements. Crave My FAV and Stir the Soup are fun songs about various fruits and vegetables. (Bonus birthday song included)
Choosy Kids
This CD introduces the Choosy Kids Club, a very special members-only club for kids who make healthy choices.  Includes songs to practice fundamental motor skills like jumping, hopping, and skipping. The Choosy Freeze song gives children practice at stopping and starting on cue. Practice repeating a rhythmic pattern with hands and feet when listening to the Choosy Says song. Instrumental tracks allow for flexible use. And the Bye-Bye song is ideal for closing routines.