Super Choosy Hero of Healthy Habits

Children will have fun discovering their inner hero with Choosy, an influential superhero who promotes and defends healthy habits in songs like My Teeth Need Brushed, The Sugar Monster, Boss of My Tummy, and Let's Make A Salad. And in the title track, Super Choosy, children will summon their own super powers to be like Choosy to make healthier choices at school and at home.

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My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

Choosy Kids 7th music CD was recognized with three music awards in 2016, including CD of the Year! Choosy music is always lively, filled with reminders about healthy habits, and lots of fun. This CD is no different. With titles like, Gotta Hug Myself, What Can You Do, and I Love My Teeth there is sure to be something for everyone. Selected songs on this CD are recorded in both English and Spanish.

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Our Special Time

The name of this music CD guided the development of playful Choosy songs, in English and Spanish, for those special times together for very young children and the important adults in their lives. The focus is on daily routines and active learning for early brain development and body awareness.

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Music Moves Me

This compilation album includes some of Choosy’s most popular songs from previous CD’s remixed in both English and Spanish. This CD was recognized with 2013 Parents’ Choice Award assuring that the music, the messages, and the themes of the tracks are appropriate and educational for young children.

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Choosy Nation

This CD, recognized with a 2011 Parents’ Choice Award, includes songs to encourage healthy behaviors. This CD introduces the Empty Space Club, a song to encourage moving only into empty spaces to avoid collisions with others. Children and families will really enjoy these tracks: Be Choosy Outside, Brush My Smile, I’m So Happy That I’m Healthy, Move My Parts, and I’m the Boss.

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I'm Moving I'm Learning

The songs on this CD support efforts by early care and education, parents, and health care providers to promote moving more, healthier nutrition, and active learning. It includes songs about moving and learning, physical activity vocabulary words, as well as several songs about nutrition choices and food preparation. Celebrate healthy decision making with fun, lively music that also includes practice of basic motor skills. 

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This Is My Body

This Is My Body CD helps celebrate a child’s body with songs about physical activity, healthy nutrition, and feeling great! Very upbeat music with embedded health reminders to encourage children to Be Choosy Be Healthy®. Several songs help practice fundamental motor skills. Sign language pairs movement vocabulary words with body and hand movements. Also includes a bonus birthday song.

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Choosy Kids

This CD introduces Choosy and the Choosy Kids Club, a very special member-only club for kids who make healthy choices. This CD includes songs to practice fundamental motor skills like jumping, hopping, and skipping. The Choosy Freeze song gives children practice at stopping and starting on cue. Children can practice repeating a rhythmic pattern with hands and feet when listening to the Choosy Says song. 

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