5 Choosy Printables for your Graduation

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By: Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy

Growing up, I didn’t even go to pre-school. It wasn’t something every child did. But in today’s society, a lot more children are going to pre-school and will soon be celebrating with graduations. My daughter will be moving on to kindergarten next year so this first graduation milestone is a big deal. My mom had a good laugh when I told her everything we were planning forher pre-school graduation ceremony and party at school. It is a lot! These are memorial moments for parents. I have heard that parents just melt away in a puddle of their own tears during the ceremony. I hope I’m not that mom (but I’m sure I will be). To make the event even more special for my daughter, I am going to use these awesome free printables.

Make Memories

If your child or students will be participating in a pre-school graduation this year, have fun with it. My goal as a parent is to take a lot of pictures because I can’t wait to do the side-by-side images of pre-school graduation and high school graduation pictures. I hope that the teachers utilize a lot of cute memory makers for me to keep for a lifetime. Check out these 5 Choosy printables that parents and teachers can use for their graduates.

  • Graduation Diploma: If you’re going to be graduating, you need a diploma! This printable Choosy certificate commemorates that your child is completing a significant lifetime milestone and will remain a Choosy Kid! Choosy Kids are children who want to be healthy, stay physically active and maintain a daily dental hygiene routine. So even though we are celebrating the BRAIN during graduation time, and how smart all of the children are, let’s remind them to take care of their bodies too!
  • Mortarboard: The picture prop of all picture props! You can print out your own mortarboard to use at home for pictures before heading off to your graduation ceremony, or teachers can have these ready and waiting for their students to throw into the air! It is simple to put together and children love hats!
  • Handprint Keepsake: My personal favorite art project always has handprints on them. I save each and every handprint my daughter brings home. After you get your graduation picture with certificate and mortarboard in hand, tape it to this printable last day of school keepsake. Fill in the blanks, add your handprint, frame it and now you have a precious memory to display.
  • Choosy Goodie Bag Decorations: I know my group of moms from school are planning a cute graduation present for the kids. We don’t want to spend a lot of money so we are going to design our own goodie bags with these Choosy printables. Print, tape/glue, color and go! It is that easy.
  • Thank you cards: Don’t forget about your teacher(s), room moms, or anyone else who has helped to make it possible for your child to graduate from preschool. Print out this Choosy thank you card as a way to say, “My heart says thanks” for everything you have done!

Did you celebrate pre-school graduation? What other memory makers can you share with us?

About the Author: Christine Cox is the blog master for Choosy Kids and owner of The Choosy Mommy. She has always had a passion for writing and is honored to contribute her work to this blog. Most of her writing inspiration comes from her daughter, Capri, who is fun-loving and full of energy, and son Cam, who is learning new things everyday. Click here to learn more about Christine.

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