The Powers of a Purple Cape: The Choosy Story

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Super heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and missions. They have different sources of power and types of weapons, used almost always for the social good. For many heroes, a cape is part of their costume, and they too come in a wide array of colors and designs.

Meet Our Super Hero: Choosy

Choosy is our super hero for health and Choosy means:

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The Power of the Cape

Did you ever think about the powers of a super hero’s cape? Some capes help heroes fly and others shield them from villains. But the cape that I specifically want to tell you about is worn by Choosy who is green, has antennae and fur! You may have never heard of this super hero before, but believe me when I say that Choosy’s super hero powers help us all. This is especially true when it comes to health and wellness, dental hygiene and eating your fruits and veggies!

Choosy’s cape symbolizes empowerment. The power of making healthy choices even though unhealthy options are available everywhere. When children make healthy decisions about physical activity, nutrition, and dental habits, they are overcoming massive media marketing and sometimes even family preferences. Choosy is a messenger and a motivator and the cape empowers young children to be champions of choice ---- the healthy choice.

The Power of the Purple Cape: Choosy's story

The Inner Child’s Hero

It is unfortunate that childhood obesity is still an epidemic in our country. But it is up to us adults, parents, and care givers to provide the right nutritional information, healthy foods and plenty of exercise to children to ensure their bodies are provided the right nutrients and growing appropriately.

Our bodies crave vitamins and nutrients every day. As adults, we have the power to understand what our body is trying to tell us. Usually it happens when we have a deficiency. But children don’t know these things and are unable to tell us an issue until they are much older. Adults and care givers have to nourish the soul of the inner child in two ways:

1. With healthy food, plenty of water and exercise
2. With encouragement to reach the child’s full potential

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A Child’s Super Hero

Choosy is a health hero. Do you know of other health heroes? Not since Popeye has there been a health-hero for children. Research has demonstrated that children’s characters are profoundly influential – like the super heroes you were thinking of earlier! Choosy can help promote healthy habits in your family, agency, classroom, clinic or community, which is really a super power! Choosy’s uniqueness includes health reminders, especially for families, and embedded health messages in lively music. When used consistently, health messages paired with the image of Choosy can become familiar and favored by children.

Choosy can be any child’s super hero. It is easy for children to relate and comprehend what their role models are telling them to do. Parents and care givers are likely to hear more about what Choosy would say if an unhealthy choice is made or be cheered on in a positive manner because they agree that Choosy would be happy that a healthy habit is forming - like brushing your teeth.

Bring Choosy’s Power to Your Children

Child care, pre-school and even kindergarten teachers love to use Choosy in their classrooms. Physicians and dentists reinforce how strong Choosy’s muscles and teeth are using posters and puppets in the office. And now you can use Choosy’s cape at home and everywhere your children go to remind them that we are all super!

Super heroes are around us everywhere. What we need to remember is that it doesn’t matter what they look like but rather what their super powers harness.

Teach your children about Choosy’s super hero status and the power of the purple cape when you listen to the Super Choosy song from our latest CD. Ask your children about how their cape can enable them to make healthy decisions for their bodies. Put the cape on them and watch how they instantly fly across the room, zooming back and forth with the purple waving in the air. Play along and see how much higher you and your children can jump when wearing the cape or how much stronger you become. Allow your children to believe that the cape has power, because they have power too. The cape might even encourage them to try a different fruit or veggie at snack time! You never know what powers Choosy’s cape may hold!

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